Be prepared to see and enjoy some of the absolute best and functional glass pipes in The Bubbleroome Head Shop. All these awesome pipes are hand produced in wonderful Southern Oregon, by artists living in or around Ashland. This site represents a new and compassionate way of doing business. All the artists that produce these pipes are on some level an owner of this site. We are a profit sharing co-op that hopes to prove that we can produce the best glass imaginable, at prices that are reasonable, and with a level of customer service that is heads and shoulders above anything else on the net. You have questions, email us! Want to talk to a real person, call our shop! We very often ship same day, ensure all our pieces during travel, and make the smoking customer our number one priority! Plus we NEVER offer a product that we haven’t thoroughly tested ourselves. So welcome and come meet the family!


This pipe can be dry or a bubbler, any size, and takes its name from the shape of the pipe because the can is off to the side of the arm.

Jerome’s Little Guy
Jerome’s wicked Sidecar
Heavy Inside Out Heaven
Weaved Glass Heaven
Amber’s Sidecar Buddy

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